• Have respect for each other and the sim. No out of character (OOC) homophobia, racism, or any other phobia or ism will be tolerated. 

  • Communicate. Keeping an open line of communication during combat or stressful scenes helps to keep that tension IC.

  • Obtain permission when attempting to perform actions like dream walking, siren's song, etc. 


  • Metagaming (using knowledge gained out of character in character) and god-modding (forcing another player's character to do something) are not allowed. Repeated violations may result in consequences.

  • Use realism when it come to erotic roleplay (ERP) and crime. Doing things where you can be caught may result in in-character consequences (ICC).

  • Player made groups are allowed. After one month of activity and a minimum of three active players they may petition to become a recognized faction. They can then be added to the site.

  • As of now, this is a masquerade sim. This means that supernaturals are expected to hide their true natures from humans at all costs. If this is broken, you should expect in character consequences.

  • While there are very few rules and/or guidelines involving character creation, we reserve the right to contact you if your character is OP or otherwise needing modification.


  • All characters must be as well as look 18 years old or older.

  • No Furry or cartoon avatars.

  • Avatars must be shaped and proportioned realistically.

  • No characters based on characters from books, tv, movie, etc. Jill Valentine and the Salvatore brothers cannot be in Ravenfell.


 You may use any titler and dice that you wish, however for combat purposes we use D20 in sim, so please ensure you have this if you plan to engage other players.  There is a titler/dice hud available in OOC. You will find it in the newspaper box directly beneath the RP Tools sign. 


All characters  in the City of Ravenfell have 3 HP when engaged in combat with other characters.  


Freeform and or diced combat is acceptable as long as all involved parties agree. If there is no agreement it will default to dice, or find another way for your character to get out of the confrontation! Be creative:) 

Magic : Magic is not monitored here, meaning your character IF they are magical - you can make up your own spellbook, just ensure that you are not OP. AOE can only be used once every third post in order to ensure some balance. The goal in sim is to have fun and build stories. 

Entering a combat scene already in progress - Be polite. ASK  if you can join in. 

Swarming: No, just no. Unles your character has been told ICLY via a phone call /text msg,(an actual post in the current scene that is also sent to your character)  there is NO way you know someone is in combat on theother side of the sim. Be realistic here folks. If you want to go watch and make ic commentary, 100% fine. But all running over to engage. again.. lets be fair.