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 On this sim we are trying something new. Races are fairly open so long as you are not OP and follow the rules in regards to avatar appearance.  There are just a few rules to guide the base races.

Breaking the veil, at the very least, will likely result in being hunted.


Vampires here only have one form. They maintain the same form from when they died. They are fry in the sun without a daylight ring.

If your vampire can use compulsion (with consent), if they have a coven or not, or if they do the WoD clans, even if their fangs are retractable or not is all up to the player.


In this case, we will use shifters for any one that shape shifts. That's werewolves to changelings to selkies. They have two shapes. Their animal form can be no larger than a KZK medium wolf. They must shift during the full moon. They are allergic to silver.

Everything else is up to the player. If you're unsure of something, reach out!

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