The pantheon is broken up into three. There are light deities- those that side with Ulfar and wish to keep humanity safe. There are then the dark deities- those that sided with Ingrid and wish to see the destruction of humanity. The final group is totally neutral. They are the deities that refuse to take a side.

As a note the pantheon exists and is very much real but not all choose to follow a god. Some do not believe in the divine at all.

While this is the pantheon worshipped here it is plausible that foreigners might have gods that might not be listed here. It is generally assumed that other deities from other pantheons are either distant relatives of this one or the same worshipped by a different name. 



Ulfar is the god of the day. Father of creation. He was husband to Ingrid, goddess of night, before unknowingly betraying her. He is father to most of the pantheon worshipped in these lands.

Ulfar is often represented with a sun 


Goddess of the hunt. Daughter to Ulfar and Ingrid. Creator of werewolves.


God of justice and truth. Son of Heidrun. Grandson of Ulfar and Ingrid.



Goddess of magic. Sister to Ingrid.

Halfrid never chose a side though she was the cause of it all. Instead she chose to live among humans in secret as she raised her daughter.


Goddess of chaos. Daughter of Ingrid and Ulfar.

Chaos knows no alignment.


God of trade. Son of Ulfar and Ingrid.


Goddess of healing and medicine. Sister of Ulfar.


Was never made a god but is sometimes revered as one by witches. The first witch. Daughter of Halfrid and Ulfar.



Goddess of night. Mother of creation and bringer of destruction. Mother to most of the pantheon. Former wife of Ulfar.


God of death. Son of Ulfar and Ingrid.


Goddess of wrath and war. Daughter to Ingrid and Ulfar.