After Ingrid left Ulfar, many things changed over time. The earthquake caused by Ingrid in her anger was felt around the world. The closest lands forever losing bits of culture to the waters surrounding them. Over time the cities the couple had created evolved into cities with their own individual characteristics, as well as smaller hamlets on the outskirts.

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The city of the Hidden

The city formerly known as Gardhr, the land in which the gods had made their home. 

As Ingrid raged the earth had given way around the divine family, cutting them off from the surrounding lands. The once lush world became unforgiving to plant life as if cursed. In an attempt to heal the city, the spirits of the elements worked together to enshroud the city in a mist, making it hard to find so that the land might heal and become green once more, but humans are humans and the city would not remain hidden for long.

Despite the was in which Grimsgil had been left humans became obsessed with locating what had once been the seat of the gods. It took decades but eventually it was located in exactly the state the stories had suggested. Those with a thirst for challenge decided this was as good a place as any to settle. So they constructed a city in the middle of the island. Rather than spreading out, they built streets with apartments to keep the population close.

For food and other commodities, they grew to depend on trade. This in itself presented a challenge to those that wished to make their fortune as merchants. Traversing the landscape through the fog was no easy task. Someone invented an air ship to fly above the fog and make travel to and from Grimsgil much easier. There are many theories about how it works, but those that know how magical the world can be might suspect something a bit less technical.

As humans settled, other races began to call the place home as well. Vampires were attracted by the fog and therefore more forgiving sun. Elementals followed their curiosity. Tellusians felt the call to heal Grimsgil, but even now, after decades of trying, they'd only been able to revive the odd patch of green scattered among the brown.

Those that practice the Hidden Arts were naturally drawn to the city that hid them amongst fog and crowd. Those that sought out those with their own views if they looked hard enough, and discreetly enough.

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The agriculture hamlet

As cities popped up and began to grow, there were those that didn't quite wish for the hustle and bustle. They wanted a quieter, more close knit community where they could farm or practice their trade in quiet. And so was born Bredon.

This way of life attracted other races, as well. Most prevalent amid the humans, however, were the wolves. The humans in Bredon have no idea about the pack living among them and wolves in the area must be very careful to not give away their secret. 

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The Dreamers' village

Surrounded by forest on one side and water on the other Osta is known for it's lumber and seafaring ways. They are no stranger to the occasional raid of far off lands or sometimes lands even closer to home. 

Life here tends to revolve around the long house. While this is the seat of power, it is also the source of food, drink, and socialization. 

Offering a slightly easier way of life with the ability to grow, hunt, and fish, Osta attracts many types. Witches especially appreciate the proximity to nature and herbs. Most people in Osta, be they human or supernatural, tend to wish to protect human-kind.

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The Black Lances are a hunter group masquerading and operating as a mercenary group. Their fort can be found near the Glooms. Check for more information about them under Factions.

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The Glooms is the name that locals have given to the swamp land near Osta and the fort. 

If you dare traipse through the murky waters and animal life you'll find a solitary cottage. The locals know this is where help can be found at a cost; herbal remedies to end a pregnancy or to keep it from occurring in the first place or tonics to ease your aching joints. Some whisper that far more sinister things are thought to happen there. Perhaps the woman there has actual power- power won through human sacrifice. But while she aides them, the rumors are mostly ignored.

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Beneath the water exists a colony of sirens and nereids. They took the gift of ruins the Ingrid's earthquake had given them and integrated them into their lives. While there is a society, at current there is no organized shoal, but that could change.