If both players agree to freeform combat, it will be honored. The sim default, however, is dice. This means that if one participant wants to freeform and one wants dice, the fight will default to dice. Because of the more laid back nature of the sim, all players have 3HP.

Combat is turn-based. Each player posts and rolls on their turn. Drawing a weapon is one post while the attack would be in the next post. It would be the same way with readying a spell and using it to attack on the next post. 

The winner is determined when one of the participants is out of HP. This does not have to mean that they are dead but they would definitely be knocked out. A healer could return a single HP to them immediately after combat or anytime after. The character will naturally regain all other HP at the rate of one per day after the first 24 hours. 

NPCs in Combat

Players in general are not allowed to have or use NPCs in combat. Leads may have one NPC to act as guard and assist with combat. They may shield the lead and take any damage that the lead might otherwise. Lead NPCs may have 2HP.

Or maybe you prefer freeform combat..

Freeform combat is when two or more people fight without dice involved. This is often the most realistic in regards to IC skill level but runs the risk of one participant not fighting fair. If this is your preferred method of combat we only ask to keep the OOC conversation going in private message. Also we strongly recommend that logs be kept so that we're able to make judgments with any issues that may arise. 

If one player wants freeform but the other wants dice combat, the fight will be fully in dice. If this is a problem then an IC solution should be worked out in OOC conversation between participants.