Relics are magical items that were once owned by the gods. Each relic has its own unique ability that is granted to the one that possesses the item. The sim team will put these items into play at their discretion. 

This page will list the relics in play though not their exact whereabouts. Finding the item in character is half the fun! Sometimes hints and/or last known whereabouts will be added as well.

If you come into possession of a relic a member of the sim team MUST be notified.


This ring was owned by Ingrid, goddess of night. It is believed that she used this ring in order to force Ulfar to reveal the truth regarding her niece's parentage. In the chaos after being used the ring is thought to have fallen in the depths of the sea. Though anyone looking for the ring would have heard whispers of it changing hands a few times over the years.

When the Ring of Verity is worn, the wearer may touch someone and compel them to tell the factual truth. This, as many things do, requires permission from the person it is used on.


Despite the circumstances of her birth, Ulfar tried to be there for his youngest child. At birth he presented her with a brass rattle. No one knows what happened to the rattle, only that is still existed today in safety, though some have begun to whisper about a recent appearance of an item matching this appearing recently. 

This rattle is said to amplify magic in those that wield it. In non magic users it gives them magical gifts so long as they are in possession of it physically.


The talisman that Halfrid created for her sister in order for light and dark to exist together. No one knows what happened to it but brave adventurers still seek it.

This relic allows those that posses it to find anyone in their