As the gods fought between themselves new races began to step forward from the ashes of what had been. At first the races all lived in harmony, working and living along side each other. Some even married interracially and had children. Humans were mostly protected from those that preyed upon them by those that did not leaving those races to live in the dark, preying upon the weak and sick or those poor souls with no one to miss them.

It continued on like this for years. That is until a vampire managed to seduce a tellusian. They filled the elemental's head with the unfairness of the way things were. No one had to die. Vampires and sirens only needed a little blood to survive. It wasn't fair to cast them aside in favor of the humans. It wasn't their fault the gods had created them as they had. It was this line of thought that began to spread to other supernatural races in the village until one day things exploded in violence and bloodshed.

No one is sure who was at fault, be it the seduced tellusian or one of those he had infected, But those that had, until now, protected humans now opened the door wide for those that would destroy them. The village gate were flung wide open, magical barriers dispelled and all manner of predator strolled inside. The entire human population of that village was slaughtered that day, no more than cattle to feed the proverbial wolves.

The news of the slaughtered traveled, soon reaching far and wide. Those that had nothing to do with it were held accountable by those that felt powerless. Mothers and fathers, husbands and wives were taken from their family in the middle of the night and burned. Even the most docile supernatural could no longer find honest work among humans.

Something had to be done. They began to hide, forsaking the family and friends that they'd known all their lives, they made a home in different towns where they weren't known and carved out new lives for themselves as humans. Eventually hunters culled any races that dared show their true form, forcing the truth even deeper. 


As things around their world began to escalate, threatening their existence, a council of elves was formed of elves from all different backgrounds. High elves, wild elves, and even desert elves gathered together, sending their leaders to find a solution. 

It was decided that as a race, they had to disappear until it was safe once more. The most skilled magic users were called to create a spell in which would hide any outward signs of race for generations to come.

At the time therians and elves were close companions. The race of shifters caught wind of the plan being put in place by their elven friends and came to them, requesting to be included in the plans. The elves agreed.

On the night of the winter solstice, when the night was it's longest, those that had created the spell put it in place. Using their collective power they wiped any trace of true identity from themselves and their future generations, permanently sealing themselves inside a glamor and keeping their therian friends from being able to shift into their animal forms. 

Eventually elves and therians became the topic of fairy tales beside elementals and humans that shifted into great wolf beasts. Elven and therian blood lines lost track of their heritage, believing themselves to be only human. Only a rare few had been passed down the tales of their family's origins. 

Those that had no idea as to their true nature would certainly have a surprise in store should anyone ever break the spell.